Katherine Zuckerman
Artist Statement
The interaction of my body's interior and the exterior world permeates my artwork. I employ medical imagery to create paintings that fuse science with subjectivity. They exploit a physical reality and transform it into a visceral interpretation of emotion.

My series based on Ocular Interiors (inner-eye anatomy), which focuses on intraocular tumors, addresses the means by which people perceive and are perceived in relation to their physical state. These paintings combine the corporeal damage of disease with the mysterious beauty and emotive presence of the structures and their components. Ocular invasions metamorphose the eye from a biological viewing system into an opus of the eye itself and that which interferes with perception. Beliefs and experiences, both lecherous and symbiotic, infect human perception similarly. I challenge the viewer to reconcile the anonymous and the personal, the beautiful and the grotesque.

In Visceral Landscapes I explore how biomedical advancements and science imaging influences our understanding of human existence. In these works I juxtapose close-up biological images and views of the earth taken from satellites. By placing these adjacent images, I demonstrate the experience of living in a capsule of flesh while observing the exterior world.




All Images©Katherine Zuckerman